Tips For Acne Scar Treatments That Help Getting Rid of Acne Scars

Getting Rid of Acne Scars

The scars from acne can be ugly. They can penetrate beyond the personality into their confidence. Therefore you need to find the right treatment for the scars. One of the popular treatments is to use the laser but this can be quite expensive and some people are just not prepared to go through the pain of such treatment. On the other hand there are carbon dioxide peels. On an advanced level it is possible to use the augmentation cryosurgery laser tool. A YAG chemical peel on the medium scale might have a similar effect on the skin. Fractional laser peels are used if the intention is to go deep into the skin. Steroid injections are a very dangerous alternative for people who wish to get rid of the scars.

Getting Rid of Acne Scars in a Safe Manner

The use of augmentation can be an effective method for getting rid of the acne scars. Under this method a needle is filled with material which covers the atrophic scar. The materials that are used include bovine collagen, silicone and fat. These are not permanently logged in the skin and so provide the user with a level of reassurance that they are not going to suffer from long term effects. At the moment there is no ideal treatment for this condition and therefore alternatives are used regularly.

On the other hand you can request that fat from the buttocks and thighs is used as filler because it blends in perfectly with your body. After about one year that fat will be absorbed by over 50%. Silicone as a material is rather problematic given the fact that it is permanent filler. People are worried about having something foreign in their system for an extended period of time. The FDA has not approved silicone in any case.

Healing the Acne Scars is not the end of the matter

You should budget for between five hundred dollars and fifteen hundred dollars for this type of treatment. Of course some of the side effects might include pain, changes in your pigmentation, some bruising and infections. On the other hand some people have allergic reactions to the materials which are used for these procedures. Keloids can develop if you continue with these treatments. These are the results of hypertrophic scarring. People that use silicone can develop hypersensitivity as well as the formation of granuloma. On the extreme end of things it is possible to suffer from ulcers and other internal wounds. A feeling of bumpiness can make the treatment very uncomfortable in the long run.

Healing the Acne Scars

There are some clinics that propose to get rid of the acne scarring through the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA. This is placed on cotton balls and used to exfoliate the skin. It gets rids of the surface layer. Because of the harshness of the chemical, it is important that there is a neutralizer to get it back to normal. Washing is not always enough. Of course you can always opt for the light chemical peels to soften the appearance of the skin.

Acids and the Acne Scars

Many of the peels involve some form of acid. If you go for this sort of thin then you will never have your natural skin back. For example Tricolor acetic acid has been found to be effective but it gets rid of the top layer of the skin. The remnants look raw and vulnerable. You need to make sure that the dosage is right for your skin. There are inherent dangers if you put in a very high concentration of the product. There are benefits to using glycol acid and salicylic acid for these purposes. These are very harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. If you are really worried about them then you can consult with your doctor before you start the treatments.

There are mild creams that claim to get rid of blemishes. Although they are not as harsh as the acids, the claims of their success are not really founded on facts. There is a lot of speculation and anecdotal evidence. Therefore you need to be wary of the information that is being provided. On the whole these are great ideas but you have to check them out with your doctor. The skin can be as strong as it is delicate. If you use the wrong substance you could end up with worse problems than you started with. The absolute things to avoid are lightening creams because they contain carcinogens.


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