Homeopathy Medicine Treatment for Acne and Pimples

Homeopathy Medicine Treatment for Acne

Homeopathic Acne and Pimples Treatments that Work Wonders

Homeopathic acne treatment is the use of alternative products and medicine to cure acne, by first understanding what causes acne or pimples and removing them before them occur.

The first major cause of acne is an imbalance of more than two factor related to the sebaceous gland and the duct system, this imbalance mostly leads to clogging of pore and pimples appear as result. These pimple outbreaks mostly occur on the face, chest, neck, back and shoulder. A change in the inner lining of the follicle blocks oil from passing through the pores and a mixture of this oil and the plugged cells provide a good place for the bacteria that live in the body to live there. These bacteria produce enzymes and chemicals which causes inflammation on the skin.

When the plugged follicle becomes overstretched they burst and spill on the skin resulting in pimples. Therefore to kill any bacteria left on the skin a homeopathic acne treatment is used as either hot and cold pack, or a good soap scrub. Pimples are not contagious as it has been believed by many; again pimples can be treated by eating a healthy diet and observing a high degree of personal hygiene. Therefore homeopathic therapies of acne are washing both hands and face on a very regular basis with soap, also avoid bothering or pricking the lesions since this will only aggravate them more.

Tender, large lesions which leave blue-red marks on the skin after the inflammation has stopped can be cured antimonium tartaricum which is a homeopathic acne treatment method.

Most people who undergo through the homeopathic acne treatment are irritable and resistant to other illnesses. Patient who are overweight, or are known moist hands and feet are required to use calcerea carbonica. Calcerea carbonica is very effective in improving body resistance to infections. In addition this remedy is usually administered to those persons who have a craving for sweets and egg since these two products are not good during healing process or also when taking in excess can increase your chances of having skin infections. Stress is not necessarily a cause of acne but it plays a major role in stimulating the oil to produce more oil which is not healthy, therefore controlling your stress will reduce oil production and in effect reduce the effects of acne.

Homeopathy for Acne Marks

It has also being perceived that fried foods are the cause of skin inflammation, but research has not liked fried food with skin breakouts. Use of birth control pills also causes acne, a mixture of home remedies will help. Homeopathic acne treatment also includes medications or nutrients to regulate hormone level.

Hormonal changes in both men and women are the most common cause of acne. These drugs include sulphur, sanguinaria, kali bromatum, antimonium crudum, belladonna, hepar sulphur and also calcarea silicate. It is important to note that you should not take any these drugs without doctor’s prescription. Homeopathic acne treatment should mostly be used at teenage years but for older generation it is necessary to seek help from a dermatologist if a severe outbreak occurs.


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